July 03, 2007

Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole

London might not be renowned for its decadent cuisine, but I do enjoy browsing the shelves at M&S and Sainsburys on occasion. My top ten favorite items to toss in my shopping trolley/cart? (in no particular order.)

TwigletsThese require an adventurous palate as many people are put off by them at first. They taste like Marmite and look like twigs, or really knobbly pretzels.
Squeezable Laughing Cow CheeseThe ultimate cheesy sandwich spread, not too tangy, but just right.
MaltloafOne of my all time favorite foods, my brother and I used to fight over this raisin-spotted treat when they were shipped to the States as a gift.
Crumpets Breakfast every morning, I have become especially fond of the Co-op version. These are like English Muffins, only smoother, doughier and better.
OXOMy dad drinks this stuff, but these little cubes are usually crushed up and mixed with water to make a gravy.
Chocolate HorlicksCan't fall asleep? This stuff rocks. Just mix the with boiled water and take it to bed with you.
Turkish DelightsSome people say these taste like flowers, and they do sort of, but chocolate-covered flowers. Aha!
Rich Tea biscuitsWith all the tea-drinking, these are the perfect complimentary dunking biscuits. They absorb just enough tea if you count to six, and even taste good alone.
Vodka MudshakesChocolate alcohol that floats like an icy heaven down the throat on a hot day (not that we get many of those. Hot days, that is.)
Gu More chocolate! But not just any chocolate, mind you. This is rich, creamy, thick, melt-in-to-fondue kind of chocolate. Dipping chocolate – whether it's a strawberry or your finger.

And five I miss from home:
Lucky Charmstoo much sugar for the English. Apparently.
Mountain Dew Code Red – Erm, I think this was banned for the same reason.
GoldfishMy favorite drunk food. The closest I have found to these are round crackers called Chedders, but they in no way compare to the mini fish shaped cracker bursting with cheesy flavor that is a Goldfish.
Brisk Iced TeaThey have Lipton here, but it's not as sweet as my favorite Brisk. Are you sensing a pattern?
Graham CrackersI need these for S'mores, which I must teach my British friends to make, but I have found no suitable alternative. Suggestions welcome.

The great thing about London, is that you can find any sort of international restaurants from Moroccan to Brazilian to Singaporean to Jamaican jerk chicken joints. Then there's the ever faithful British foods: fish & chips, steak and kidney pie, toad in the hole, spotted dick....*nods* Oh, and can't forget Nandos (the chicken restaurant with delicious sauces). Yum!


Cemay said...

Steph, I've just caught up on this blog and it's freaking amazing!! :D

I am, as always, in awe of you!

Steph said...

thanks babe :) you always make me smile with your comments. x

Vanessa said...

:) yay for random foods. ahhh you know marmite. not many people i talk to know (and/or) like it!!

Jag said...

Yum. Rich Tea biscuits - my favourite!

All the best!


andrea said...

You can get graham crackers and Goldfish, at astronomical prices, at Partridges near Sloane Square. Probably the cereal too! It is pricey but worth it for a little taste of home :)

Anonymous said...

Right! Now I'm hungry, said the panther.

Anonymous said...

nandos chicken is portuguese not english! really liked this post, it made me miss the lovely goldfish snacks too!!