February 24, 2008

Seven Magazine Launches New Site

Searching for a refreshing change, a magazine that wasn’t just about celebrities or high street clothes, I stumbled upon a glossy with a black front and intriguing cover stories. Seven Magazine came home with me and I fell in love with it because was exactly what I was looking to read – something with substance and heart.
True to its name, Seven looks at both serious issues and culture on every continent. It is described as a magazine for politically-conscious men and women with an interest in international arts. It is even forming its own charity called Seven Foundation.
This week, Seven launched their new website at
www.sevenglobal.org. Some of the magazine articles from the print version have been posted and there are more to come. It is definitely worth a read. One of my favourite articles discovers the gangs of Cape Town, South Africa, but there is plenty more right here.

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