April 13, 2008

Abercrombie in London vs NY

There are certain moments in life that call for a bit of retail therapy. And so I've indulged. New spring coat, the obligatory sexy red break up dress, shoes, a few choice CDs. I've developed a slight infatuation with Amy McDonald.

Amy MacDonald. This is the Life
And even though our break up has been amicable and our friendship has blossomed from it, it never hurts to have your photo taken with a sexy shirtless Abercrombie model either.

There's been movie nights, pub night, coffee dates with the girls and a bit of excitement for whatever decides to come by next.

But back to this Abercrombie boy.

At home, Abercrombie has models outside the shops, but there's never people offering to take your photo with them with a Polaroid camera. And while there is loud music, there's never a clubbing atmosphere with pretty people dancing on top of balconies like there is in the new London branch on Savile Row.

Maybe that's why the same pair of Emma low rise jeans I was wearing were selling for DOUBLE what I paid for them in New York. Ridiculous. You also can't access the US Abercrombie site from a UK computer which is interesting indeed. Probably to prevent people from comparing prices. At any rate, I wasn't about to buy anything as the selection here isn't even as good as our small shop back home. However, the model boy out front... I approve!


bohemianbailie said...

so this just may be me but looking at that piture I cannot imagine him having a British accent!

Anonymous said...

I guess that was the point ^