January 01, 2009

Happy New Year


A time of the future, full of 365 days to make do with whatever we please.

365 days to live rather than exist, to watch the seasons change, from the icy cloud breaths of short winter days to the scent of pink flowers poking out of soil in the spring, long summer nights of crackling bonfires, BBQs and conversations under the stars and then the changing leaves of autumn falling to the ground and rustling along city streets.

365 days, each one with minutes and hours to better understand the world and push ourselves closer to our dreams and goals.

Days for travel, for hard, honest work, for losing ourselves in books, meeting strangers, exploring, discovering, building our personalities and making love. It’s exciting to think about the year ahead, about opportunities, experiences. Life is the most beautiful thing we have and a new year is always a reminder not to waste it.
In 2009, what I really want is not to lose sight of the happiness and clarity I have right now, not to fall into a stagnant state of mind. I said last year, I wanted to live instead of exist and not take life for granted. Well, that still stands. 2009 will be a year of laughter, love and life. Cheers to that for everyone.
D, me and K welcoming in the new year with mulled wine in Trafalgar Square.

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