October 01, 2007

Design Museum and Tate Modern

Being that it was my day off, I slept until 11 today, woke up to a giant cup of tea and a nice hot shower. C called and asked if I wanted to go to the Design Museum way down in Tower Hill. I had planned to stay in today to not spend money, but I said yes without a second thought. At 1, I found myself battling the rainy wind trying not to let my umbrella slip inside-out, with my new winter coat wrapped tightly around me.

I met her at Tower Hill. We were curious and wandered down toward a giant swimming man in the grass. It's been commissioned by The Discovery Channel to promote a new reality TV show called "London Ink." I was amused.

I liked this tall building we stood under for a bit and took a picture...

Eventually we found the Design Museum. I loved this so I had to take a picture... how English...Of course, we did as it instructed and stuffed our wet umbrellas into the little plastic bags.

The main exhibition was by an architect from Baghdad named Zaha Hadid. She's had her hand in a lot of projects from Dubai to Cincinnati and is now working on a project for the London Olympics aquatic centre.
Apart from her building designs there were sets of silverware, tables, chairs and this random Louis Vuitton bag design...The next section was devoted to the work of a graphic design artist by the name of Johnathon Barnbrook, whose work I enjoyed. He had a lot of political pieces and has worked with Damien Hirst and for the magazine Ad Busters.

We stopped in the shop on the way out, which made me think C would love the Turbine Shop in Tate Modern just down the river; it's absolutely filled with graphic design and art and architecture books. So, after I stopped for a duck wrap from Eat, I took her there. Of course it was me who ended up spending the money. I bought this book called Color, which was a hard cover study of this magazine of the same name that is no longer published. It's all about culture and humanity and I love it.

C had to leave then and S got out of work about 20 minutes later so I strolled around for a bit and waited for him.

I met S here after he finished work, just outside Tate Modern. We ended up walking all the way to Oxford Street, chatting and stopping for some pain au chocolat on the way. It had stopped raining and it was nice to be with him in the city just wandering.

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peterwatts said...

Like those photos you have. I've done some 360 panoramas of that area, you can see them on this London Map of panoramas, though when I photographed Potters Fields Park it did not have a man swimming in it! Where was the fountain with the women that you shot? I would like to go and find that one.